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York Region, Toronto, ON

You’ve seen plenty of kids children birthday party ideas York Region Toronto ON, but how many of them create a truly unique and memorable experience for the birthday boy or girl and their friends? Animal birthday parties do just that by giving kids the opportunity to make several new animal friends, learning and having fun the whole time.

When our presenter arrives at your party, they’ll arrange the children in a semi-circle for what is certain to be the most exciting learning experience in your child’s life. There are no desks or books, just the real little creatures there for the kids to learn about and experience. Kids get to hear a bit about the animals and then touch and pet them. Having the animals there sparks the children’s curiosity, and many of them end up asking questions that demonstrate a real interest in their new little friends.

Parents who have seen other kids children birthday party ideas York Region Toronto ON in action are constantly amazed by our animal birthday parties because they see just how different they are. Learning and fun become one in the same, and the kids don’t even realize it. We also get feedback like, “My child never had an experience like this before, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to know now that he/she loves animals so much.”

Sure, these benefits are great and are reason enough to invite us to your party, but there is one other practical advantage that parents really appreciate. With most other kids children birthday party ideas York Region Toronto ON, you have to be heavily involved in the ‘action’. It’s taxing on you when you’re already tired. Even though we do ask that you stick around for our presentations – or at least have another adult ready to do so – parents typically get a bit of a break during the presentations. The kids are so focused on the animals that you probably won’t have to do much at all, getting a rare opportunity to catch your breath on a very busy day.

If you’re ready to give your child an extra special gift with one of our animal birthday parties in York Region, Toronto, ON, call or e-mail us today.

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