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Whitchurch Stouffville, ON

Your search for great kids children birthday party ideas Whitchurch Stouffville ON is over now that you’ve discovered our animal birthday parties.

Children absolutely love opportunities to get up close and personal with new animals, and your party can give your child and their friends the opportunity to do just that. We have a wide selection of animals on our website, and you and your child can pick your favorite 12-15 for us to bring to the party. Since some of our animals are quite busy, we do ask that you specify your 3-4 top choices so that we don’t miss out on those. For a few of the others, though, we may need to bring in alternatives depending on their availability. (Some of these animals are busier than you may think.)

When we go to animal birthday parties, our presenter will arrange the children in a semi-circle and then introduce the animals to the kids. This sparks their curiosity, setting this apart from other kids birthday party ideas. We’re constantly impressed by the great questions that the kids ask and how much they want to learn about their new friends. Beyond learning about and petting them, kids also get the opportunity to feed some of the animals. This is one of their favorite parts, so you may want to ask when booking which creatures this is an option for.

Parents also love something that they don’t get out of other kids children birthday party ideas Whitchurch Stouffville ON, and that is the chance to sit down. We know just how busy the day of your child’s birthday party can be, from picking things up at the last minute to getting set up and talking countless parents through the directions. While we do ask that you or another parent be there for the presentation, the kids are usually so involved in it that you have little to do.

Call us today if you’d like to know more about the animal birthday parties that we do in Whichurch Stouffville, ON.

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