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Pickering, ON

We’re offering you the best kids children birthday party ideas Pickering ON. Our animal birthday parties give your child and their friends the opportunity to make new friends from the animal kingdom.

Sure, you’ve seen other kids children birthday party ideas Pickering ON that seem like great ideas, but don’t you have that gnawing feeling that the party will end up being just like all the others? Your kid will enjoy it, but in a few weeks they’ll have forgotten about it. That’s not the case with our animal birthday parties.

When you arrange for us to come to your child’s birthday party, you’re not simply throwing a party, you’re giving your child an experience. Whether your little one already loves animals or they haven’t yet had much interaction with them, our animal birthday parties can help them to find or develop a life-long love of animals. Children are simply awestruck when they have the chance to cuddle with our bunnies, pet our frogs, or hold a cute little chinchilla for the first time. With some of our animals, the kids at the party even get to participate in feeding them.

Another thing that sets us apart from other kids children birthday party ideas Pickering ON is that we foster a sense of curiosity and love of learning in children. The children aren’t simply watching TV or reading in a book. Instead, they’re getting to meet the animals, and that gets them asking questions. “Where do ferrets live?” “How far can doves fly?” and “What do turtles eat?” are just some of the fantastic questions that we get from kids on a regular basis. Your child will start to want to know more rather than just study.

If you’re interested in having one of our animal birthday parties in Pickering, ON, call or e-mail us for more information today.

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