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Old Toronto, ON

Of all of the kids children birthday party ideas Old Toronto ON, animal birthday parties are truly unique in that they are both fun and educational – but you don’t have to tell your child about the latter.

Animal birthday parties give kids the rare opportunity to meet several new animals that they’d probably never get to encounter otherwise. Sure, you may have a dog or a cat at home, but how often does your child get to meet a tortoise or a snake without you having to worry about the dreaded, “Can we keep him?” Instead, your child gets to experience a customized petting zoo brought to your party – and we’ll take care of getting rid of the animals afterwards.

Sure, there are plenty of other kids children birthday party ideas Old Toronto ON, but most of them become a blur after just a few weeks. Why spend your money on decorations that nobody will remember when you can have animals that everyone will remember? Your child and his friends will be talking about the party for months. They may even discover a love for animals that lasts them a lifetime.

While there are more than enough benefits for your child compared to other kids children birthday party ideas Old Toronto ON, there’s also a nice little perk for parents. Throwing a party for your child can be extremely stressful. From last minute stops at the store to talking a dozen parents through the directions, you could well be on little sleep and no rest before the party even starts. We do need you or another parent there while we do the presentation just in case, but we usually find that the observing parent(s) has little to do because the kids are paying such close attention to the animals.

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