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Oakville, ON

Animal birthday parties offer a unique opportunity for parents in Oakville, ON considering different kids children birthday party ideas Oakville ON. We offer kids the chance to make new friends in the animal kingdom, something they absolutely love doing, while also making it an educational experience, but that can be our little secret.

When we come to your party, we’ll bring with us 12-15 creatures from our diverse selection. We ask that you provide us with a list of preferences, including your top 3-4, and we’ll do our level best to ensure that you get the ones you and your child want. Unfortunately, we do sometimes have to bring substitutes for a few of them, but we almost always deliver on your top choices.

When we come to animal birthday parties, our presenter arranges the children in a semi-circle and introduces the animals to the children. He’ll tell the kids a bit about each of them and then give the children the opportunity to interact with them. This includes touching for all of them, and in some cases the kids even get to feed them. If you’d like this favorite to be part of your party, just inquire as to which animals you can do this with.

What truly sets us apart from other kids children birthday party ideas Oakville ON in the eyes of parents is not just the excitement that comes with children getting to interact with animals but also the curiosity that accompanies it. Children become excited about learning without even realizing it, asking several questions about their newly discovered friends. We sometimes even get kids telling us that they want to work with animals when they grow up.

There’s no need to keep looking for great kids children birthday party ideas Oakville ON since you now have one that is sure to make your child’s party memorable. Call today to learn more about our animal birthday parties.

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