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Newmarket, ON

Are you trying to find great kids children birthday party ideas Newmarket ON? Our animal birthday parties will fast become a favorite for your child and all his or her friends.

Animal birthday parties offer children a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with their new friends in the animal kingdom. What child doesn’t love meeting new animals? When we bring our creatures to your party, the kids will have the opportunity to touch them, learn about them, and, in some cases, feed them. We constantly find that kids who get this opportunity fast develop a love for animals, if they didn’t already have one, and have their curiosity fostered, which is extremely valuable as they go through school and life.

When you book an animal birthday party with us, you’ll have the chance to choose 12-15 animals that you’d like us to bring. We do ask that you designate your top few favorites, though, since we can’t always accommodate your full list. Don’t worry, though. If we can’t bring some of the animals on your list, we’ll bring suitable replacements.

Beyond the educational benefits of our trip, one of the things that parents love about this over other kids children birthday party ideas Newmarket ON is that they usually get their first break during a very busy day. We understand how hectic hosting a party can be – and how valuable even a few minutes to catch your breath can be. While one or more adults do need to be present for the presentation, the children are typically so focused on the animals and what’s being said about them that parents usually don’t have too much to do while we’re there.

If you’ve tried other kids children birthday party ideas Newmarket ON but are looking for something truly unique, contact us about putting on one of our kids children birthday party ideas Newmarket ON.

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