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Q: How long are your shows?

A: You can choose from two different packages. We offer a 1hr. show with 12-15 animals provided. For children ages 7+ we also offer a 1.5 hr. show where up to 20 animals will visit.

Q: Is their a cap on the amount of children for a party?

A: We never charge per child for your party so we don’t put a cap on numbers of children in attendance.  If you have a situation with over 20 children we can discuss various formats for the presentation.

Q: Do you do outdoor events?

A: Yes! We are one of the few companies that will do outdoor events and parties. The weather conditions have to be suitable for the animals chosen and a shaded area needs to be provided if it is too warm

Q: What are your presenters like? Are they trained?

A: All of our presenters are well trained in handling the animals and in party presentations. They are also given techniques on how to engage and entertain the children. Photos and videos are encouraged so that you can capture your child’s excitement forever.

Q: Do you have personalized invitations that we can use for a party we book with you?

A: For your convenience we offer printable, colourful invitations which you can customize for your party!

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All of our prices are inclusive. We accept cash only for birthday parties and payment is due upon completion of the show.




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