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Birthday Parties – Special Events

Our birthday parties are a huge hit! Recently NOMINATED as “The Best In Animal Show Birthday Party Entertainment for Kids,” our hands-on show will be something both the birthday child and people in attendance will NEVER FORGET! Choose from reptiles, insects, arachnids, amphibians and furry friends. We can also customize the party to meet your needs as well as that of your child’s. You can count on 12-15 animals in attendance at your party. The birthday child receives a complimentary theme related gift from Creepy Crawlers Express. We bring our show to your home/venue and can perform anywhere in the GTA and beyond.

Please ensure that the booking time of your Creepy Crawlers party is after most of your guests have arrived. Feel free to discuss the scheduling of your party and all of its events at the time of your booking. We want to make sure your entire event runs effortlessly Animal Show Birthday Party Entertainment for Kids.

A Creepy Crawlers Express presenter will arrive approximately 10min. prior to the presentation beginning. Parking space must be provided and if paid parking is required, the expense is the responsibility of the client.

Once introducing themselves, and meeting the birthday child, the presenter will arrange the children in a semi circle before starting the presentation.

The children are then given a set of rules which will allow the presentation to flow smoothly. Proper hygiene after touching or handling the animals is also discussed during this time. Please have appropriate cleanser available to the children.

A parent or caregiver is also encouraged to be in attendance to help with the management of the group. We also encourage any adults in attendance to feel free to participate.

The children are then introduced to each animal, one at a time. They are told a few fun and age appropriate facts regarding each animal and then they are able to have some hands on time. We have a variety of animals that are fed at the party and the birthday child is encouraged to participate in the feedings.


All of our animals are listed on our website. We encourage parents/caregivers to select the animals with the birthday child (unless it is a surprise!). Animal choices are carefully checked over by a Creepy Crawlers member. We do our absolute best to match as much of your list as possible. However, not all choices are guaranteed. We will accept 3-4 top choices and will do our best to see that those ones attend your party. We will also honour any requests that you do not want in attendance.  Selections can be emailed to with the top choices highlighted. Please include the date and time of your show in your email.



For your convenience, we created Birthday Party Invitations for you to use during your special occasion!

1)Just right click and save an invitation!

2)Write the info or input the information on the computer program Paint!

3)Print or Email your invitations!

|Special Events|

Whether performing for a large audience or a small crowd, Creepy Crawlers Express can provide the EXCITING and memorable entertainment for any special event. Our presentation venues have included: fairs, festivals, trade shows, mall shows, holiday events, arenas, street parties and family getaways, not to mention attractions such as Ontario Place, Centre Island, Harbourfront, Niagara Falls, and more. We’ve performed for organizations such as the Children’s Wish Foundation, Lake Simcoe Regional Conservation Authority, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Halton, Muki Baum, Allenby P.S. fun fair and we’ve also done shows for corporate sponsors such as Hugo Boss, Neilson Canada, and many synagogue and church groups. We have collaborated with the Discovery Channel to produce an interactive bee-themed exhibit as well as a colourful chameleon exhibit at the Sheppard Grande in Toronto.

Creepy Crawlers Express will work with you to make sure we take in to consideration all of the needs of your group or organization. We are able to set up our presentation in a variety of ways and we can discuss all of these details when booking the event.


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